Application Of The General Key To The Symbolism

VIE-INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY OF SYMBOLISM: The Symbols--The Primitive Terms—Key of Symbolism—Definition of the Sense of one of the SymbolsGeneral Law of Symbolism 71

IX.--HISTORY OF THE SYMBOLISM OF THE TAROT. INQUIRY INTO ITS ORIGIN: The Tarot is an Egyptian Book—Its Transformations--Mantegna's Pack-Venetian Tarot—Florentine Tarot--Bolognese Tarot--Hindu Tarot--p. xi Chinese Tarot-Modem Tarots—Etteila—Marseilles—Besançon—Watillaux—Oswald Wirth—Italian and German Tarots—Constitution of the Symbolism of the Tarot--The Primitive Hieroglyphic Signs—The 22 Hebrew Letters

X.--THE SYMBOLICAL TAROT. THE 1ST SEPTENARY. ARCANA 1 TO 7. THEOGONY: Scheme of Work-Key to the 1st Septenary--The 1st Card of the Tarot the Origin of all the others—The Three Principles of the Absolute—The Trinity—Figure of the 1st Card and its Affinities

2nd Card--The High Priestess (Beth) 112

3rd Card—The Empress (Gimel) 115

4th Card—The Emperor (Daleth) 119

5th Card--The Pope (He) 123

6th Card--The Lovers (Van) 127

Summary--Constitution of God 132

XI.--2ND SEPTENARY. ANDROGONY: Key to the 2nd Septenary 133

7th Card--The Chariot (Zain) 135

8th Card—Justice (Cheth) 138

9th Card--The Hermit (Teth) 142

10th Card--The Wheel of Fortune (Yod) 145

11th Card—Strength (Kaph) 148

12th Card--The Hanged Man (Lamed) 151

Summary—Constitution of Man

XII.--3RD SEPTENARY. COSMOGONY: Key to the 3rd Septenary

13th Card--Death (Mem) 158

14th Card--Temperance (Nun) 161

15th Card--The Devil (Samech) 164

16th Card--The Lightning-struck Tower (Zain) 168

17th Card--The Star (Phe) 171

18th Card--The Moon (Tzaddi)

Summary—Constitution of the Universe


19th Card--The Sun (Qoph)

20th Card--The Judgment (Resh) 182

21st Card--The Foolish Man (Shin) 185

22nd Card--The Universe (Tau) 188



Theogony.--The Absolute according to Wronski, Lacuria, and the Tarot--Theogony of Divers Religions identical with that of the Tarot--Summary

Androgony: Figure with Summary 210

Cosmogony: Figure with Summary 214

Figure containing the Symbolism of all the Major Arcana, enabling the Signification of each Card to be easily defined 220-221


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