Comprehensive Glance Over Tire Minor Arcana

If we look back a little, we can easily judge the road we have traversed.

The four colours considered in globo have shown us the application of the law Yod-he-vau-he.

But the same law is reproduced in each of the colours taken separately. The four figures represent Yod-he-vau-he; The four series of numbers also.

Let us then arrange all the cards according to their affinities, and we shall obtain the following results--

The 4 Kings

= Yod

The 4 Aces

The 4 Fours

The 4 Sevens

The 4 Queens


The 4 Twos

The 4 Fives

The 4 Eights

p. 46 The 4 Cavaliers


The 4 Threes

The 4 Sixes

The 4 Nines

The 4 Knaves

= He

The 4 Tens

If we wished to represent this arrangement by a synthetic diagram, we should place the sacred name in the centre of a circle divided into four parts, which respectively correspond with each of the letters Yod-he-vau-he. In each of the quarters, the cards that are analogous to the letters of the tetragrammaton will radiate from the centre. See the diagram on page opposite.

The figures have the same connection with the colours as the numbers have with the figures.

The sequence of the figures is reproduced in the three worlds by the numbers; the same thing takes place in the sequence of colours: Sceptre, Cup, Sword, Pentacles are reproduced in the figures.

The Sceptre is the Yod of the 4 Kings. The Cup is the He of the 4 Queens. The Sword is the Vau of the 4 Knights. The Pentacles is the He of the 4 Knaves.

And just as each colour has a complete whole, formed of a body, of a soul, and of a mind or vital force, so the four colours form a complete whole thus composed:--

The material body of the minor arcana:

The 4 Knights The 4 Sevens The 4 Eights The 4 Nines p. 47


The vital body of the minor arcana:

The 4 Queens The 4 Fours The 4 Fives The 4 Sixes




welOn-f 1


p. 49

The intellectual body:













Reproductive organs:

The 4 Knaves The 4 Tens

We can only point out the very instructive affinities shown in these figures; they can be carried to a great length.

We give these indications in order to demonstrate the management of analogy, the method of the occult science, to which we have so frequently alluded in our preceding works.

We need only compare this last diagram, which represents the four colours, with the first, which depicted one only, to see at once that the law upon which these two diagrams are constructed is the same, only that the applications of it are varied.

It is the same law by which the cells that form the human being group themselves to constitute organs, the organs group themselves to form members, and the grouping of the latter produces the individual. 1

We have drawn the following conclusion from all that we have already stated--The Pentacles, responding to the second He, indicates a transition. Between what?

Between the minor and major arcana. Footnotes

41:1 We wished to make this application of the Tarot in order to show Initiates what results might be expected from the laws explained by studying it.

44:1 Clavis abscunditarum reram.

44:2 Eliphas Levi, Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie.

49:1 See the Traité Élémentaire de Science Occulte, chap. iii.

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