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Throne Of The Ace Of Cups Princess

The Empress Kabbalah

This is Malkuth in Yetzirah, the influence of Malkuth in the Astral World. From the standpoint of material things, this is the most destructive card in the deck, and no one likes to see it appear in a spread. But those who use the Tarot as an instrument of spiritual development learn not to take life's experiences at face value. And insofar as the Tarot is used to predict future events, the statement can be made about it that can be made about astrology, The stars impel, they do not compel. We are not slaves to our destiny, but have the capacity, through inner processes, to considerably improve our earthly lot. To do so is no less ethical than resigning a position when it is clear that some work-related disaster is on the horizon, or walking on the sidewalk when the cards tell you that if you walk in the street you will probably be struck by an oncoming automobile. We should use the capacities we have been given.

The Tarot And Secret Tradition

They belong respectively to the end of the seventeenth and sixteenth centuries. As I am not drawing here on the font of imagination to refresh that of fact and experience, I do not suggest that the Tarot set the example of expressing Secret Doctrine in pictures and that it was followed by Hermetic writers but it is noticeable that it is perhaps the earliest example of this art. It is also the most catholic, because it is not, by attribution or otherwise, a derivative of any one school or literature of occultism it is not of Alchemy or Kabalism or Astrology or Ceremonial Magic but,

Modern Tarot Studies A Nineteenth Century Legacy

That system, developed in Europe from the time of the Renaissance, is a westernized Qabalah. It grew from the improbable attempts of fifteenth century philosophers to incorporate the essence of Jewish mysticism into Christian thought. The history of the modification of these ideas by the philosophers of the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries is particularly interesting. But it is the nineteenth century developments which are most important for us. During that time the Hermetic Qabalah, largely de-Christianized, reached its fullest expression with the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. The leaders of that fraternity performed the remarkable task of unifying the disparate elements of the Western Mystery Tradition (Qabalah, Hermeticism, Astrology, Neo-Platonism, Dee's Enochian Magic, etc.) in such a way that it formed a coherent method of inner exploration for the fin de si cle temperament. There are few modern schools of western esoteric thought which have not been affected...

Note On Procedure

The apprentice should read the entire Handbook through once then start at the beginning and pursue all the exercises at his or her own pace. For the more experienced student, there are interesting exercises and theories relating the Tarot to the Cabala, Astrology and Gnothology, or esoteric Numerology.


The COMPARISON CHART is set up similarly to those for the Minor and Court Mentors. In the section governed by YOD, you will find the TETRAGRAMMATON, PRINCIPLE and EXPRESSION references, as covered in the last chapter. And in the first HE section, ASTROLOGY and GNOTHOLOCY are included as before. Both of these occult sciences are closely tied to theTarot, but there is no room to go into either in detail at this point. They are included mainly for those of you already advanced in Astrology and esoteric Numerology, so that you can understand more fully their interrelationships with the Tarot. The beginning student need not be concerned about these references- As much as I would like to take you further into Astrology, Gnothol-ogy, and the Cabalistic correspondences of the Tarot, I do not feel it wise to do so at this stage. Perhaps these subjects can be covered at greater length in a more advanced book in the future. 1 have offered mere hints of the vast fields of esoteric knowledge to be...

The Divining Tarot

To our Lady Readers--Astronomy and Astrology-Intuition--Fortune-telling by the Tarot in Seven Lessons. determinable, the Egyptians thought that the same events would be also reproduced at fixed intervals. It would therefore suffice to know the movements of the stars, to predict the coming events. This is why astronomy was only the commencement of astrology. The discussion of the wherefore of all this would lead us much too far from our subject. We cannot either teach astrology by the Tarot in a few pages--a whole volume is necessary for this purpose--nor have we the time to handle these difficult subjects. Perhaps we may decide to undertake them some day.

The Tarot In History

Among ancient cards which are mentioned in connexion with the Tarot, there are firstly those of Baldini, which are the celebrated set attributed by tradition to Andrea Mantegna, though this view is now generally rejected. Their date is supposed to be about 1470, and it is thought that there are not more than four collections extant in Europe. A copy or reproduction referred to 1485 is perhaps equally rare. A complete set contains fifty numbers, divided into five denaries or sequences of ten cards each. There seems to be no record that they were used for the purposes of a game, whether of chance or skill they could scarcely have lent themselves to divination or any form of fortune-telling while it would be more than idle to impute a profound symbolical meaning to their obvious emblematic designs. The first denary embodies Conditions of Life, as follows (i) The Beggar, (2) the Knave, (3) the Artisan, (4) the Merchant, (5) the Noble, (6) the Knight, (7) the Doge, (8) the King, (9) the...

The Star

Gringonneur Tarot

The lore of the stars is a greatly neglected field of esoteric knowledge despite the apparent popularity of astrology. Astrology as commonly practised has become closely involved with the art of mundane prediction and character analysis through the interpretation of theoretical charts. The deeper wisdom is to be gained from going out and standing under the stars and observing them as the ancient navigators, herdsmen, travellers, farmers, and indeed astrologers did. One is more likely to meet the Star Maiden under the stars than in the library.

Bailing Qlartos

Tarot Journal

The origin of fortune-telling by cards dates back many centuries. In the past it was taken very seriously by the illiterate diviner, for it was a method of finding out one's future by means of pictures and thus eliminated the need for being able to read and write. The more educated practitioner generally relied on more sophisticated methods of divination, such as astrology. He used the tarot as well, but in a slightly different way. While on the subject of shuffling the deck, it would be as well to-return briefly to the topic of reversed cards. According to many present-day diviners, a reversed upside-down card may connote the worst side of the image's character, analogous to a retrograde planet in astrology. The reading of a separate meaning for a reversed card consequently doubles the available single interpretations of the tarots theoretically, instead of 78 variables, you would be dealing with 156. This notion of reversal only came into tarot interpretation with the advent of the...

The Nines

Tarot Journal

This is Yesod in Yetzirah, the influence of Yetzirah in the Astral World. It takes little familiarity with astrology to recognize that the fiery Mars energy could do no good in the sign of dualities. In the Golden Dawn card the rose has been completely destroyed, while Crowley's version shows poison and blood dripping from the nine jagged and rusty swords.

The Spread

Most spreads contain between six and fifteen cards. This range is small enough to be manageable, but large enough to cover a topic in some depth. The pattern of a spread often forms a design that reflects its theme. For example, the Horoscope Spread is in the shape of the traditional circle that forms a person's birth chart. The twelve cards of this spread correspond to the twelve houses of astrology.

Divination In Depth

The next two sections of the COMPARISON CHART fall under the HF portion of the Tetragrammaton. As YOD is the positive, giving force, so HE is the negative, receiving force. The two subjects contained in the HE of the Chart are ASTROLOGY and GNOTHOLOGY, but we will only touch upon them briefly here. Like the Cabala, they are subjects of great complexity and profundity, and worthy of further study. If you already have a background of some years' study in one or both of these subjects, you will be able to bring some degree of wisdom and sensitivity to this portion of the COMPARISON CHART but for an understanding of the Minor Mentors, it is enough to know that there is a strong connection between the Tarot and these two occult sciences.

The Cards

To know the meaning of the earls is only the first step in the art of cartomancy to know how to arrange them is still more important. As a fact, the astronomical data should not be lost sight of, and the Tarot ought only to be used to represent the revolutions of the stars, the source of future events but that is the realm of Astrology, and we must confine ourselves to that of telling fortunes by the Tarot cards, and their combinations depend a little upon chance.

The Art Of Astrology

The Art Of Astrology

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